Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil Review


Coconut oil has become a common household item.

The truth is that this versatile product can be used for different purposes, ranging from cooking and baking, to salad dressings and even as part of your beauty routine.

Trader Joe’s coconut oil is commonly used as a skin moisturizer or to help reduce frizziness and restore moisture to damaged hair. The process behind the production of coconut oil affects its taste, smell and effectiveness.

Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil Review


Trader Joe’s is a brand of affordable household items that offer customers the perfect balance between price and quality. The brand is reputable in the United States and offers a wide selection of useful products. They are often viewed in positive regard by the majority of their customers.


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Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil is one perfect example of such a product. This product offers the customer the ability to obtain fresh coconut oil that has not gone through any extensive or harmful processes; thus preserving the quality of the fruit, and delivering the benefits of the coconut fruit in the form of an oil.


  • This is an affordable option for individuals who are looking to buy coconut oil.
  • The manufacturer utilizes a simple process to extract oil from coconuts; thus preserving the quality and flavor.
  • All nutrients found in the coconut used to make the oil is extracted in the process, which means the oil is packed with numerous beneficial compounds.
  • Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil is a multi-purpose product that can be used in the kitchen and in many other departments of your life.
  • This product is vegan-friendly.



  • Even though available on Amazon, some individuals may find that the product is not shipped to their location and not available at local supermarkets.

Who Is Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil For?

There are many people who can benefit from the use of Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil. Not only is coconut oil a much healthier alternative to the standard vegetable oils that are often used for cooking, many people find that the use of coconut oil provides a better taste in the food prepared with the oil. Apart from these, the health benefits of coconut oil should also be considered. Coconut oil has been proven beneficial for assisting with diabetes, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and even Crohn’s disease.

The oil is also known to boost immune function, reduce levels of cholesterol and provide the user with an energy boost. Additional benefits may also include improvements in weight loss results when including coconut oil in a calorie-deficit diet.

Apart from its usefulness in cooking, Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil is unrefined, which means the product can be used for other purposes, such as on the face and hair as well.

The fatty acids found in the oil has been scientifically-proven to kill antimicrobial agents involved in athlete’s foot, cellulitis, acne, folliculitis and some other skin infections. Coconut oil has also been proven beneficial for skin conditions where inflammation is a factor, such as eczema and psoriasis.

Scientific evidence is also available to support the fact that coconut oil can penetrate deep into your hair, and help to prevent future hair damage. Additionally, coconut oil is known to help improve the overall appearance and smoothness of hair.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Multi-Purpose Coconut Oil – Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil is a virgin, unprocessed product, and can be used for various purposes.
  • Affordable Choice – Many coconut oil products are very expensive. This particular product falls well within the affordability range.
  • Readily Available – Trader Joe’s is a popular brand in the United States, which means the brand’s virgin coconut oil product can be found at many convenience stores and supermarkets.

Customer Reviews

The majority of customers who have used Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil seem to be happy with the product. On the product’s listing, a large number of reviews can be found. The average rating of the product is decent, which is considered a very good rating for this type of product.

Alternative Options

Many alternative options are available on the market when it comes to buying organic coconut oil that has not been processed. When comparing the quality of this product to the quality of alternative options in the same price range, Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil stands out. Other similar quality products tend to cost more than this product.

FAQ & Additional Tips

The product can be purchased at a number of different locations, including both local and online retailers. Amazon is a popular supplier of Trader Joe’s products, including their Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

While no guarantee is mentioned by the brand who manufactures this product, the large number of positive reviews found on the product’s pages provide evidence that customers are happy with the product and that a return may not be necessary.

When opting to buy this product from an online retailer like Amazon, customers should be aware that they will have to wait for delivery, which often occurs within the first week after placing the order.

Final Verdict

Finding the right coconut oil that features a straightforward manufacturing process is often either difficult or expensive. With Trader Joe’s coconut oil, you get a product that provides you with fresh oil from a coconut, without any additional ingredients that could make the product less efficient.

This product can be used for a variety of reasons, from your kitchen to your beauty cabinet, and comes at a very affordable price. Get your tub of Trader Joe’s virgin coconut oil right here, and start experiencing the benefits that coconut oil has to offer.

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