Louana Coconut Oil Review

Louana Coconut Oil

Are you looking for a coconut oil in the market with certain characteristics? Well, let us guess your needs. If you want your oil to be inorganic, clean, and processed with absolutely no smell of coconut, you’ve just landed at the right place. It is so; because you’re gonna get every single bit of information in this Louana Coconut Oil Review, which is actually an oil product for a source of ultimate satisfaction for you.

Louana Coconut Oil Review


            Louana coconut oil is the ingredient, crucial for the deliciousness of your food fellas. Don’t be amazed, it’s the absolute alternative of conventional oils and butter in your dishes. Huh, don’t believe us? Well, have a read and decide yourself. This is a product of Louana, a big name in oil synthesis all over the world, the company with a history of a century.

Louana Coconut Oil

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Key Features:

Some primary specifications of the product are as follows:

  • Non-hydrogenated and non-GMO cooking, hair and moisturizing oil.
  • This is processed oil, so it’s not as beneficial for the body as unprocessed oil is.
  • Packed in specialized plastic for ensuring safety and freshness.



           Let we cut it short for you; this is the processed oil with absolutely no odor and taste of coconut. It’s not organic, so the health benefits are compromised.


Who Is This Product For?
Are you still foggy about whether you can bring this product under use or not? Well, it’s all about your needs and requirements, this is what you’ll get to read in all louana coconut oil reviews.

People always looking for a kind of oil with multi-lateral benefits must try this, if they can compromise on the health advantages of coconut, not observed in this oil. This oil is simply not suitable for you, if you’re too health conscious.

Key Features And Benefits
Let’s discuss the goods this oil provides, in a little detail.

Do you know what’s the most charismatic feature of this item? It’s the multi-lateral nature of this inorganic oil. It can ornament your kitchen and dressing table at the same time with absolutely no side effects.
The oil is quite pure with no cholesterol or fatty acids, which means that high cholesterol patients can now enjoy the deliciousness of fried edibles without any fear.

Nutritional Information:
As this oil can be used as a moisturizer, hair care product and cooking oil, knowing its nutritional information is crucial for you. Listen by all ears fellas; because you’re not gonna get this piece of information on any Louana pure coconut oil research. Here you go:

Amount Per pack: 31.5 oz.                                                                          Energy: 120 Calories
Total Fat: 14g, Saturated Fat: 12g, Trans Fat: 0g                                    Cholesterol: 0g
Total Carbohydrates: 0g                                                                               Sugars: 0g, Protein: 0g

  • Can be used as a moisturizer
  • No pungent coconut smell
  • Pure and refined
  • Considerable price
  • Unsuitable for people looking for coconut odor
  • Can’t satisfy organic lovers

Customer Reviews:

One of the most obvious ways of judging a product quality is taking a look at the thoughts of customers. Correct us if we’re wrong. Despite of the fact that this product is much less nutritious than competitors, it still stands out in the eyes of consumers with a good overall feedback. Let’s take a look at some Louana coconut oil for hair reviews and some of the other related user thoughts:

Positive Comments:

  • An Amazon reviewer  states that this oil has proved its worth in strengthening her hair. She is totally satisfied.
  • Another Amazon customer gave this product thumbs up because of its odorless nature. This oil is best for cooking according to her.


Human minds differ extensively in their approach of perceiving and evaluating things and this is why a lot of people have criticized on this item too.

  • According to a confidential reviewer on Amazon, washing hairs is a hectic task after application of louana oil as it has strong adhesion forces with hair.
  • It’s absolutely unsuitable for beautification of the face, when used as a moisturizer. This is what other critics said on their review on Walmart.

FAQs and Further Information:

Well, you people ask too many questions, but don’t worry peeps; I have satisfying answers for you. Let’s move on to the main queries anybody can have in his mind.

Q: Is this oil healthful?
A: A little, because it’s not the purest form of coconut oil. Other coconut oils available in the market are more nutritious.

Q: Is it unrefined?
A: No, it’s fully refined with non-GMO, clearly stated on the packing.

Q: Is it solid or a liquid?
A: Being a coconut oil, it is solid. However, above 76 temperatures, it turns into liquid.

Final Verdict:

This is the end. Let we share a few thoughts on this products.

Even though this oil does not have distinctive odor, which some people do not prefer the coconut smell, the health benefit is a little bit less than expected.

We still recommend it for those who cannot stand against extreme scent of coconut oil and have never tried this brand before, it is worth to have once in your diet time.

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