Best Island Fresh Superior Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Review

Island Fresh Review

Have you tried this Island Fresh coconut oil for your diet plan? If not, you need to read this review article for its amazing benefits.


Island Fresh Organic Coconut Oil is a precious gift for those who care about health and fitness. Unlike others, it is cold-pressed. Moreover, it is never heated, thus extracted through traditional methods. This means that all nutrients and antioxidants are protected and preserved, giving you a health-rich product. It is a great health alternative for every family together with some great weight management benefits. It can also be used as a hair mask, leaving your hair conditioned, smooth, and shiny. Here is more information about this great product.

Island Fresh Superior Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


It comes with a very wonderful taste. Although it has a bit of coconut taste, the flavor is just natural and not overwhelming. This means that it will not change the recipe, regardless of what you are cooking. In short, it never takes away the taste of your recipe, while adding nutrients and great health benefits, to whatever you are preparing.

Features and Specifications

– Weight management: An average of 4 tablespoons per day is sufficient due to its high MCT content.

– Oil pulling: If you enjoy oil pulling, swish around 1 table spoon of this oil in your mouth in order to benefit from its great healing properties. Ensure you do this when your stomach is empty.

– Topical Use: Island Fresh Superior Organic Virgin Coconut Oil contains lauric acid. This compound leaves your hair nourished and looking radiant. It can also be applied daily to your skin, in order to control dryness and irritations, among other various conditions.

– Hair mask: This organic oil can be used to revive brittle and thinning hair. Just place a small amount of this oil on your palms and let it melt. Rub it on your scalp or hair ends. For best results, allow its nutrients to seep through overnight, to leave your hair conditioned.

A Few Uses

This coconut oil can be used for almost everything in the household. It can be applied like lotion by the whole family on the entire body. This includes the face. After several days of use, you will immediately realize that the skin becomes extremely healthy, tender, and smooth. Additionally, it completely eliminates the presence of stretch marks, scars and acne.

This coconut oil is one can be used as a shaving cream, producing exemplary results. When mixed with shea butter, baking soda, coco butter and essential oils, this organic coconut oil is just your best friend. It allows you to obtain a much closer shave, while leaving your skin silky and smooth for the whole week.

It helps in healing cuts, burns and scrapes. It is time to ditch those conventional ointments and purchase this coconut oil. It improves healing times drastically as well as minimizing scars. The affected area will be left with clear skin.

Small amounts of this coconut oil can be given to your dog every day. It improves his oral, skin and intestinal health. You will also notice that his coat becomes smoother and shinier. When you rub it on the fur, dog odors will be instantly eliminated.


– 100%, cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil


– Organic, natural and unprocessed

– Amazing health benefits

– Wide range of uses

– Great tasting


– Tends to melt easily when exposed to high temperatures

Bottom Line

Island Fresh Organic Coconut Oil is great for the whole family. It promotes healthy weight management, encourages mental focus, and enhances athletic performance. You should acquire it from the number one best seller, and quality will always be guaranteed.

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