Best Anjou Coconut Oil Review


Anjou Coconut Oil Review

Are you looking for a good coconut oil review of Anjou brand? Well, here you go.


Anju Organic Coconut oil is USDA certified organic, non-GMO, free of deodorizers and non-hexane. Moreover, it does not contain bleach, unlike other oils. It is pure organic coconut oil, which is free from hydrogenated fats and Tran.

It can be perfectly used as a dietary supplement, for cooking, and even baking. It contains a wide range of healthy fats, as well as Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) for improving digestive health, heart, thyroid function together with the immune system. This product review provides more information about this organic coconut oil.

Anjou Coconut Oil Review

Design and Look

Due to popular demand, the oil is now available in a larger container. For the same affordable cost, you will get 100% pure, natural and organic coconut oil, but with added benefits and greater value. Every purchase also comes with a free booklet, which details more than 100 uses of this product. With that, you will be inspired with more creative and unique ways, of using this special product.

Flavor and Nutrition

The oil is well preserved with naturally organic substances and ingredients. It also comes with a fresh and scintillating coconut scent. It leaves your body and skin feeling nice and fresh. It is a healthy, exotic, and popular nutrient for your dinner. It is also a great alternative for your vegetable oil or butter.

You can use it to bake, stir-fry, sauté, or just spread it over a slice of bread, for that tropical touch. If you have been worrying about cooking fats with high cholesterol, then the Anju Organic Coconut Oil is just what you need.

This coconut oil is extra virgin, and free from bleach, Trans fats and bleach. It is also rich in medium chain fatty acids, which enhance metabolism, soothes, and cleanses the skin as well as hair. If used on a regular basis, you will gain healthy-looking skin and adding luster to hair. Unlike other coconut oils in the market, it is pure with no added preservatives.


This product is free of smell or taste, and this makes it a convenient option to use. If you one of those people that does not prefer strong scents on organic oils, then this is perfect for you. In addition to that, it is a great choice since it only contains a faint scent of natural coconut oil.

Natural Beauty

This oil has been processed from the best coconuts obtained from the coast of Sri Lanka. The coconuts themselves have been grown from non-crossbred, traditional trees, thus retaining all the nutrients and health benefits.

Additionally, the coconuts are handpicked and then cold-pressed, with no trace of additives. The result is pure, organic coconut oil, rich in natural ingredients. The oil is also rich in saturated fatty acid.

This 100% organic coconut oil is the ideal recipe for dietary supplementation as well as a host of other uses in the household. Add a few drops of Anjou Organic Coconut Oil to your moisturizer or shampoo and you will obtain the most organic and nourished look.

You can also use in removing makeup and give your face the most delicate makeover. When combined with essential oils, or even carrier oil, it can spice up massage experiences and aromatherapy. With this coconut oil, the tropical feel and experience will be right there with you.

Best Uses

– Dietary Supplement

– Cooking

– Baking

– Beauty and skin care

– Facial moisturizer

– Works on sunburns

– Good for dogs’ skin, joints and smooth coats

– Great ointment for cuts and burns


– Does not contain preservatives and bleach

– A wide range of uses

– Mixes with essential oils better than similar products in the market

– Packaging is great

– Comes in a huge 32-ounce jar, for plenty of use


– Gets warm and melts in high temperatures


The brand of coconut oil that you buy does not really matter. What matters is the quality and type. What sets this coconut oil from the rest is that it is cold-pressed, natural, and organic. Anju Organic Coconut Oil promotes metabolism, cleanses the body, as well as soothing the hair and skin. Using it regularly promotes better health and leaves you feeling younger and fresh. It is designed to provide great health and nutritional benefits.

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