10 Best Type Of Coconut Oil Brands To Buy Online 2018

Best coconut oil brands to buy online

Best Type Of Coconut Oil Brands To Buy Online In 2018

The health and beauty benefits imparted by coconut oil are numerous. Some of these impressive benefits include improving digestion, hair care, skin care, boost body immunity against infections and diseases, etc.

However, you should know that you will only reap maximum benefits, only if you find the right product.

To make it easy for you, we have created a review of 10 Best Type Of Coconut Oil products to buy online. We have researched extensively to come up with these products.

So you are almost getting there, your multipurpose coconut oil.

Enough of saying. NOW, let’s start getting into it.

Product Summary

This is a taste of what will be discussed in the whole article, most of the product reviewed here are superior brands.

Most of them are the bestselling brands and this is a huge statement on their incredible quality. We have detailed the core values and benefits of each brand so as to help you making an easy decision when selecting your best fit.

Viva Lab YesUSDA certifiedWeight management, cooking, oil pulling, beauty Check Price
Hamilton Healthcare62%USDA CertifiedWeight loss, cooking, beauty, oil pulling. Check Price
Nature’s WayyesCertified organicDietary supplement, cooking, hair&skin care Check Price
Island FreshyesCertified organicHair&skin care, cooking Check Price
Nutiva63%USDA certifiedBody care, cooking Check Price
Coco&CoyesCertified organicHair&skin care Check Price
BarleansyesUSDA certifiedDietary supplement, cooking, skin&hair care Check Price
AnjouHigh MCTsUSDA certifiedHair, skin, cooking Check Price
Carrington farmsyesCertified organicCooking Check Price
Sky OrganicyesUSDA & KOSHER certifiedSkin care Check Price

Review Of 10 Best Coconut Oil Brands

Many brands of coconut oil products have been invented to meet the growing demand in the world today. Coming up with a list of the best is not easy and requires a very strict selection criteria.

Our goal has always been to give our clients helpful and workable solutions, therefore every brand we have selected, is hereby merit not by mistake.

All the brands have been selected depending on the benefits they bring on board, customers reviews, ratings of the brand amongst other things.

So, are you now ready to find your best brand? The following are the coconut oil brands to buy online.

1. Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (beauty, cooking, weight management)

Size-16, 32 or 54 ounces

Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Viva Labs have mastered the art of extracting coconut oil from pearl-white coconut pulp, from the pristine region (Philippines). These coconuts are world beaters and are endowed with plenty of benefits including delectable sweetness, thanks to the exotic palm trees which do well in this volcanic soil. The oils are extracted using a special cold-pressing method to retain all health-promoting oxidants, flavor, aroma and powerful nutrients.

Viva labs is the best extra virgin coconut oil and it brings a lot of benefits.

Firstly it’s a healthy cooking alternative to butter and other conventional oils. It lends all your recipe aromatic and flavorful tropical goodness and its 3500 F smoking point makes is perfect for your stir-fry, rice and scrambled eggs.

Because of its special way of extraction this oil is perfect for all type of skins. It penetrates deep into your skin to moisturize, cleanse and clarify every tissue giving you a smoother, silkier and extra radiant complexion.

Last but not least this product is perfect for oil pulling. It also contains high levels of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which are vital in weight management.

Most of the customer are short of words to explain the satisfaction they get from this product. They are singing beautiful praises, describing this product as the one of the excellent picks amongst organic coconut oil options.

  • Unfiltered and unrefined
  • Free from harmful pesticides
  • Extracted via the propriety cold pressing method
  • Multi-purpose organic coconut oil
  • USDA certified and doesn’t contain hydrogenated or Trans fats
  • The smoking point may be a problem with some uses

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2. Hamilton Healthcare Cold-pressed Coconut Oil (dietary supplement)

Size-16 ounces

Hamilton Healthcare Cold-pressed Coconut Oil

Hamilton healthcare is a household name in America popular for its manufacture of top quality health products. If you are looking for a good cold pressed product that will give your cooking a new healthy experience then this should be your top pick.

It doesn’t contain any hydrogenated fat, hence good for your heart and a great addition to any healthy delicious recipe.

This coconut oil contains 62% of MCTs, these fatty acids are good since they provides the body with alternative source of energy. Besides, they boost a healthy weight management and increase the metabolism of useful nutrients in our bodies.

Buying this oil will be the best addition to your weight loss programs, exercises and physical activity, here is 4 ways you can use it for weight loss.

It’s good to note that this product is certified by the USDA and it presents a very safe option for your cosmetic care. It is the perfect luxurious option for a body moisturizer to the sensitive and dry skin.

The ultimate reception of this product by customers is excellent, a good number of the customers is content with the benefits derived from this product. Most of them expressing satisfaction they get by using this organic coconut oil. It’s a near perfect brand and no negative comment to talk about.

  • Organic cold-pressed coconut oil
  • Luxurious body moisturizer
  • Natural product perfect for a healthy cooking
  • Doesn’t contain hydrogenated fats
  • Natural sunscreen or massaging oil
  • Relatively pricey

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3. Nature’s Way Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (good for cooking)

Size-10oz, 20oz, 32oz

Nature’s Way Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

There are a lot of organic coconut cooking oil in the market today, nature’s way stands top of the upper echelon. It’s one of the best virgin coconut oil that will enable you to prepare healthy and delicious diet recipe, thanks to its aroma and great taste.

The best thing about this product is that it comes in 6 different flavors jalapeno, lemon herb, red raspberry, unflavored, and spicy sriracha.

This coconut oil contains a high concentration of MCTs (good fats) which aids the body in the production of energy. For this reason, nature’s way coconut oil is a great addition to your training regimen, weight loss program and all other physical exercises.

This brand is also very nice for all type of skins and hair. When used on the skin it moisturizes the dry skin making it look younger. On hair, this coconut oil hydrates your hair making it easy to manage.

Most of the customers are happy with this extraordinary product, which has a number of uses. One of the customers is happy about this product which has helped her to save a lot of bucks and still find satisfaction.

Its great taste and smell are another cause of optimism amongst customers, and many say they cannot resist using this product.

  • Comes in six different flavors
  • Does not contain any hydrogenated and Trans fats
  • Reasonably priced
  • It’s a perfect semi-solid product
  • Highly nutritious
  • Not very versatile

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4. Island Fresh Coconut Oil (skin and cooking)


Island Fresh Coconut Oil

Are you searching for the perfect organic, virgin cold-pressed coconut oil for your skin? Then you will be able to notice that island fresh coconut oil should be your best pick for various reasons.

Firstly, this is a certified organic coconut oil that is perfect for the treatment of your hair because of the way it penetrates to reach out to the follicles. This helps cure any problem related to your hair right from the root to the tip. It is also a good everyday skin care product that moisturizes and treats all type of skins.

If you are looking for a face cream and good natural sunscreen all that will be found in this fascinating product.

Secondly, this coconut oil contains high levels of MCT, this makes it incredibly useful in healthy weight management. Besides, this is a superior product that promotes healthy mental focus and enhances athletic performance.

When used in cooking this coconut oil delivers an exotic and tasty element that compliment almost every delicious recipe.

Most of the customers who have tried this product are content with the satisfaction they have found. One of the customer says that this is the perfect product for juicing, aromatherapy, massage and many more.

It’s difficult to find a complaint in all the reviews delivered and that is one of the signs that this is a superior brand meant all.

  • Meant for various use in beauty and cooking
  • Contains high content of MCTs
  • Doesn’t contain hydrogenated fats
  • Natural sunscreen
  • Pricey

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5. Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil (body care and cooking)

Size-15oz (pack of two), 1 gallon

Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil

If you are after getting the nutrient benefits of coconut oil in purest form then you must consider buying this nourishing super product.

Nuvita is a highly nutritious coconut oil product that contains 63% of MCTs, 50 % lauric acid and is certified by the USDA.

Nuvita coconut oil has the perfect balance of saturated fats that makes your hair grow longer and thicker. If you have frizzy hair worry not, regular usage of this oil will guarantee nothing else but softer and manageable hair.

Any discussion of a good skin care coconut oil product cannot end without the mention of Nuvita oil. This coconut oil penetrates deep into your skin and helps moisturize and, heal dry and sensitive skin.

This product does not contain any hydrogenated or Trans fats, making it safe for human consumption. Because of its special way of extraction this coconut oil retains a lot of the original nutrients, and you will be fascinated by the way this oil adds great and exotic taste to all your meals.

The product has been found by many online customers. Most the customer are happy with the benefits and satisfaction they get from this product.

Also the shelf-life of this product is long somewhat makes it popular with many of its users.

  • Long shelf-life
  • Organic and unrefined extra-virgin coconut oil
  • Smoking point of 350 0F
  • Highly nutritious that doesn’t contain any hydrogenated fats
  • USDA certified
  • Reasonably priced
  • Must be melted before bodily use.

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6. Coco&Co Virgin Coconut Oil (best for skin)

Size-2oz, 4.5oz, 8oz

Coco & co Virgin Coconut Oil

Coco & co coconut oil is specifically made as a beauty grade products. This product is made in a special way that is more superior to cold pressing, this method allows for the extraction of the oil in purest and 100% raw form.

This means that the incredibly high-grade organic nutrients are retained and this is the main reason this product is exceptionally effective. This product has managed to maintain its high standards in this competitive market, because of its quality.

It has many uses in the health and beauty world, these include make-over remover, hair, skin moisturizer, stretch mark remover, massage oil, wrinkles, acne, lip bum, after shave, shaving cream, age sport, antifungal, personal lubricant, deodorant, eczema, oral care, fitness etc.

If you are painstaking about your overall beauty then don’t pass up the opportunity to try this marvelous product.

The beauty world feel different with the presence of this wonderful product. Based on the many benefits it brings on bound it’s very easy to see why most of the customer who tried it are happy. This has led to the product attracting

This has led to the product attracting in numerous positive reviews.

  • A special product made for beauty purposes
  • Extracted in a special way that’s superior to cold-pressing
  • Exceptionally high standard organic coconut oil
  • Small jars that can be kept anywhere even when travelling
  • Super-fine to allow faster absorption
  • Pricey

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7. Barleans Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (dietary supplement, cosmetic care)

Size-16oz, 32oz

Barleans organic virgin coconut oil

This is high-quality product that is made using coconuts grown on Quezon Island (Philippines). The oil is extracted in a special method that doesn’t involve use of chemicals hence it retains almost all the original organic nutrients.

It contains a high count of MCT which are valuable fats to the body. The body metabolizes these fatty acids as carbohydrates making instant energy that is able to stimulate the whole body.

For this reason, Barleans organic coconut oil has been widely used by high-endurance athletes and people under weight loss programs. Some of the MCTs in Barleans organic oil include capric acid, lauric acid and caprylic acid. These elements possess many health benefits which include boosting the immune system, raising the body energy levels, nourish hair and skin amongst many others.

Barleans coconut oil can easily be incorporated into your life in many different ways. You can get the best out of it by applying it externally or taking it internally. This will involve replacing your cooking oils, butter etc. with it or using it to moisturize your hair and skin.

This product has been accepted by the global community for its great quality and the value it adds. Most of the clients are happy and only positive reviews keep flowing in.

  • 100% expeller-cold pressing, organic virgin coconut oil
  • Gives numerous health benefits
  • Most nutritious and best-tasting coconut oil
  • Accelerates weight loss
  • Its chemical and solvent free
  • Melted before application on the body

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8. Anjou Organic Coconut Oil (skin care)


Anjou Organic Coconut Oil

Anjou coconut oil is manufactured using coconuts grown in Sri Lanka. This country is known to produces one of the best quality coconuts in the world, because of coastal regions with nutrient-rich soils and hot tropical weather. The oils are then extracted using a special method to ensures that all the vital nutrients are retained.

Anjou is made in the process that is painstaking to ensure the end product is the best for every health conscious lifestyle.

It contains high levels of MCTs and zero Tran’s fats making it the perfect alternative to cooking oils and butter. Its fatty acids are of great benefit to the body and they also help in the body metabolism thereby helping in shedding off weight.

This 100% organic coconut oil is the perfect dietary supplement, gives you a healthy looking skin helping you to look and feel young. When applied on the hair it gives its original luster and makes it grow longer.

It’s quite easy to see why most of the clients can’t stop singing praise to this high-quality product. It brings plenty of benefits on board and because of its impressive number of ways to use, it is being described as one of the best in the market.

  • Excellent multipurpose coconut oil product
  • High level of MCTs and 0% Trans fats
  • One of the best organic beauty product
  • Highly nutritious
  • 100% organic coconut oil
  • Nice packaging
  • Only one size

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9. Carrington Farm Organic Coconut Oil (good for cooking)

Size-12oz, 25oz, 54oz

Carrington Farm Organic Coconut Oil

This is yet another product that is manufactured using coconuts grown in Philippines. If you are looking for a good organic coconut oil for all you baked foods then you should consider buying this product. It’s made with no hydrogenated fats, and the fact that it is certified makes it one of the best cooking coconut oil in the market. If you are tired of using the traditional oils or would want to have a better cooking experience then this oil presents the best opportunity.

It’s made with no hydrogenated fats, and the fact that it is certified makes it one of the best cooking coconut oil in the market. If you are tired of using the traditional oils or would want to have a better cooking experience then this oil presents the best opportunity.

Carrington farm coconut oil is extra-virgin and is highly nutritious. This makes it perfect for everybody’s energy and health and it’s good to note that it is processed in a special way that ensures all the original nutrient, color and flavor are retained.

The product has been received pretty well in the market. Most of the customers are writing positive reviews, and that’s a good proof that this is one of the top quality brands.

  • Top quality coconut cooking oil
  • Extra virgin oil that’s highly nutritious
  • Doesn’t contain hydrogenated fats
  • Reasonably priced for such a top quality product
  • Comes in only one flavor

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10. Sky Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (skin moisturizer and baking)

Size- 16.9oz

Sky Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

This is a product from sky organics and is ranked amongst the best skin care product in the market. This organic oil is extracted by cold pressing making sure that all the original content are retained.

This has been the main reason this product has been able to impart numerous health benefits that can only be found in a few coconut products today.

This coconut oil has a versatility of a kind despite being made as an ideal skin moisturizer. It can be consumed as a dietary supplement and contains key nutrients that boost your immune system. It has a vital antimicrobial agent which is perfect for any type of skin, and when used regularly it makes you skin feel and look younger.

Organic extra virgin oil also works miracles in weight management, it aids body metabolism and enhance digestion.

Most of the clients are leaving positives comments. Some are happy with its smell and taste, while other are just convinced that this the perfect coconut oil brand for anyone.

  • USDA certified
  • Has fantastic anti-fungal properties
  • Combats dandruffs ad lice
  • Contains high contents MCTs
  • One of kind versatile product
  • Reasonably priced
  • Single packaging size

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Value Section

Before you fork out the cash and get your hands on the coconut brand you have selected here are some import factors you should know. Most of the coconut oil we have already discussed are extracted from organic coconuts which are non-GMO.

Types Of Coconut Oil

  • Virgin coconut oil

This is pure grade coconut oil that has definite taste and smell, and require no chemicals to be extracted. This oil is extracted from freshly harvested coconut and therefore has the most nutritional benefits.

  • Refined coconut oil

This is coconut oil that is extracted from dried coconut, and because of this some of the valuable nutrients mu be lost.

Components Of Coconut Oil

  • Saturated fatty acids mainly medium chain triglycerides (MCTs)
  • Lauric acid (deals with diseases and viruses).
  • Unsaturated fatty acids these include linoleic acid and oleic acid.
  • Poly-phenol (gallic acid), this is responsible for the taste and fragrance of the coconut oil.
  • Vitamin E, vitamin K and iron.
  • Caprylic acid, myristic acid and caproic acid (rich in antifungal and antimicrobial properties).
  • Capric acid (converts to monocaprin which is an effective antimicrobial agent).
  • Fatty acids derivatives which include ethanolamide, betaines, ethoxylates, polyol esters, fatty esters, monoglycerides and fatty polysorbates.
  • Fatty alcohols derivatives which include fatty alcohol sulphate & ether sulphates, and fatty chlorides.

Proper Storage Of Coconut Oil

Organic coconut oil has long shelf life and can stay for long without going bad, however the following measures should be taken for proper storage.

  • Avoid refrigeration of coconut oil.
  • Always keep the lids of the container tightly fitted.
  • A good dark cupboard would be perfect for storing coconut oil
  • Keep away from heat and humidity.
  • Always ensure the drawing spoon is clean.
  • Maintain the oil in its original container.


Once you know the goodness derived from coconut oil you will forever crave for the top brands. Consider every aspect including your budget and the need at hand before making any buy. And just in case you have already decided to go for a brand, here is our recommendation.

We highly recommend the Viva Labs organic extra-virgin oil for various reason.

Firstly, this coconut oil is versatile and can be used for different purposes like cooking, beauty, oil pulling, weight management etc. it is an all-round product that will impress you with its long shelf-life.

Secondly this coconut oil is obtained from organic coconut in a special cold-pressed method, and best of all, its unrefined meaning all the original vital nutrient are retained. The coconuts used are grown in the pristine region which is known to produce high grade fruits, and for this reason you expect this to be a topnotch brand.

This means that this top quality product is meant to satisfy different needs for all the customers.

Finally for a product of its quality, we can proudly say that this coconut oil is sold at a reasonable price. It is readily available and affordable to almost everyone in the global world.

Therefore next time you hit the online market make sure you check on this product, you will get the best of coconut oil and will never regret deciding to buy it.